Sorry NV Energy, you left us no choice...

Break up with NV Energy

You Took Us for Granted

NV Energy overcharges the already-struggling Clark County School District by millions of dollars each year. CCSD is working on a plan to exit NV Energy’s monopoly and build a solar array to power most of the district’s schools. Ending NV Energy’s monopoly would leave more money to put in our classrooms, where it belongs.

Source: LVRJ, CCSD Presentation

You’ve changed

As a monopoly, NV Energy sends billions of our dollars to their out of state corporate owner. Now, the company is spending $30 million in ratepayer money – your money – to keep up its monopoly.

Source: Energy & Policy Institute

You don’t care anymore

NV Energy is bad at serving its customers. According to JD Power Associates, it has one of the lowest customer satisfaction scores in the West in addition to multiple reliability standard violations per the North American Electric Reliability Corporation.

Source: JD Power Associates

It’s just not exciting anymore

NV Energy sabotaged the rooftop solar industry in Nevada and raised fees on solar customers by more than one hundred percent—not to mention a fee raise of forty percent for rooftop solar customers. NV Energy even refuses to close coal plants after promising to move towards renewable energy.

Source: KNPR

It’s time to break up with NV Energy. Read and sign the break up letter.

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