Get the Facts

More Jobs

Energy choice will bring up to 34,000 new jobs to Nevada.

Google bought a large tract of land in Northern Nevada to build a data center that they want to use to bring hundreds of great, new jobs to our state. But before they invest money here, they requested an alternative to NV Energy to power their center.

NV Energy’s monopoly is a roadblock to big companies who want to invest in Nevada — that means we’re missing out.

By opening our energy markets, Nevada will enjoy economic growth and job creation. We currently have the second lowest amount of energy jobs per capita in the West. Once we open electricity markets, all that will change.

We will draw new businesses willing to make significant clean-tech investments in our communities and further homegrown innovation with the passage of this ballot measure. Yes on 3 will bolster Nevada’s advancement as a national leader in renewable energy development and new technologies and bring quality jobs to the Silver State.


Lower Bills

Energy choice will lower electric bills for all Nevadans.

Competition is good. The more choices you have, the easier it is for you to go to a lower cost option when rates increase. That’s why experts say passing Yes on 3 and opening Nevada’s energy markets will lower your electric bill by an minimum of $133.92 a year.

Data from energy choice states shows lower electricity costs and expanded consumer choices cross all sectors – residential, commercial, and industrial, with rates down 14% compared to monopoly states, where overall rates are up 5% and residential rates are up 7%. Some states that have chosen to transition to open energy markets have seen even more dramatic rate reductions. For example, New York electricity customers have seen energy rates fall by an inflation-adjusted rate of more than 34 percent since the state opened its market in 2000. In Nevada, rates are up over 55 percent during the same time frame. Energy Choice is a better way.



Clean Energy

Energy choice will expand Nevada’s clean energy options.

Right now, NV Energy controls what kind of energy they provide you. And, after they sabotaged rooftop solar and refused to close a coal power plant, it’s clear they don’t want clean energy. But voting Yes on 3 will change all that – Energy Choice will empower people to choose their own energy provider. Giving Nevadans the choice to buy solar and wind power will grow our clean energy market.

Some Nevadans have already started. MGM recently announced they’re building a large solar array to meet their energy needs. Unfortunately they first had to pay a $87m “exit fee” to escape NV Energy’s monopoly.  Yes on 3, The Energy Choice Initiative, would allow energy providers and businesses like MGM to provide clean energy to Nevada without paying absurd exit fees to a monopoly.


More Choice

Right now, NV Energy is a monopoly and our only choice for electricity.

Learn more about how NV Energy has overcharged the Clark County School District, sent billions out of the state and sabotaged rooftop solar. We deserve better. Break up with NV Energy >>