NV Energy Is Lying To You

The Truth About Energy Choice

Break up with NV Energy:

Lie #1: Energy Choice “locks a risky experiment into Nevada’s Constitution.”

False. Yes on Question 3 doesn’t lock Nevada into anything. All it does is end NV Energy’s monopoly. That’s only risky for NV Energy.

Lie #2: Energy Choice “would force Nevada to join California’s energy grid.”

False. Nevada has been “hooked up” to California for over 60 years, with massive power lines and power moving back and forth the entire time. Nothing changes under energy choice except the ability to chose who sells you power and what kind of power you buy. Also, NV Energy already participates in California’s energy market through the Western Energy Imbalance Market, which is estimated to have given ratepayers $27 million in benefits in the last year alone.

Lie #3: Energy Choice “would cost consumers and taxpayers millions.”

False. You will owe nothing more to NV Energy when Question 3 passes than you do now. Energy Choice does not require NV Energy to sell their generating plants. And if they choose to do so, our research suggests there would be as much as $1.1 billion in benefit to ratepayers— which they will of course want to keep. Since NV Energy will not be losing money, taxpayers won’t be on the hook for anything.

Lie #4: Energy Choice “disrupts Nevada’s progress towards a renewable energy future.”

False. Of course NV Energy, who sabotaged rooftop solar and refuses to close coal power plants they promised to close would say that. Energy Choice will expand clean energy in Nevada by putting Nevadans — not NV Energy’s bottom line — in charge. It’s that simple.

Lie #5: Energy Choice “will impact the reliability of service.”

False. NV Energy’s own CEO, Paul Cadill, said that energy choice will have “no impact” on reliability.

Lie #6: Energy Choice “will cause rates to skyrocket.” 

False. States with Energy Choice have rates 14% lower than states with energy monopolies. Competition means lower rates. It’s that simple.


Lie #7: “$142 Million in education funding will go away if ECI passes.”

False. This is a blatant scare tactic with no basis in fact. Regardless of who owns a power plant, they are still required to pay taxes. Energy choice will save Clark County School District the millions NV Energy overcharges them.

Lie #8: Energy choice is “deregulation” as in “no regulation.”

False. Energy choice is not “deregulation.” It simply ends NV Energy’s monopoly and lets you choose your energy provider. The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) will keep its authority over the lines and wires of NV Energy like it always has.

Lie #9: “Nevada will suffer the same fate as California did with Enron.”

False. Enron was the result of fraud, not competition, and the  Federal government reformed their oversight to prevent this from happening again.

Lie #10: “Massachusetts market issues will happen in Nevada too.”

False. Massachusetts made the decision to allow its monopoly company to sell competitive retail services to customers. Here in Nevada, that won’t be the case, and we will have a transparent market like Massachusetts has never had.