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August 9, 2018 | Video

Channel 8: Energy Expert Jon Wellinghoff on Energy Choice

LAS VEGAS - Former FERC chairman Jon Wellinghoff is now working to pass Question 3, the Energy Choice Initiative. He talks to Steve Sebelius about why he supports it, why the are making it a constitutional amendment, what it will do to energy prices and how to protect consumers.

August 8, 2018 | Article

FACT CHECK: Rooftop Solar Under Energy Choice

Riley Snyder, The Nevada Independent The end of rooftop solar? Hinting at such apocalyptic questions has become a mainstay in campaign ads run by opponents of the Energy Choice Initiative, a proposed constitutional amendment that would require Nevada to drop its current electric monopoly...

July 25, 2018 | News

Release: Yes on 3 Endorses Question 6

RELEASE: YES ON 3 ENDORSES QUESTION 6 Las Vegas, NV -  Nevadans for Affordable, Clean Energy Choices, the primary backer of Yes on 3, the Energy Choice Initiative, endorsed Question 6 today.     Question 6, supported by Nevadans for...

July 5, 2018 | Video

Channel 8 : Understanding what will happen if both energy measures pass

LAS VEGAS - Nevadans will have a busy ballot come November, especially when it comes to energy policy. Voters will not only decide whether the state should get half of its energy from green sources by the year 2030, but also whether they'll buy that power from a single provider...

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