LVRJ: Question 3 in Spotlight

July 2, 2018

By Colton Lochhead and Ramona Giwargis Las Vegas Review-Journal

A coalition supporting Question 3, also known as the Energy Choice Initiative, launched ads last week featuring a business owner who said NV Energy put him out of business.

The initiative, if approved by voters in November, would open the state’s energy market to competition.

The¬†30-second spot¬†begins with¬†Reid Hamilton, a former rooftop solar company owner, who says NV Energy ‚Äúsabotaged rooftop solar‚ÄĚ and shuttered his business. Hamilton said he was forced to cancel 250 projects and lay off 40 employees.

The electric giant now wants to kill energy choice, Hamilton said, before urging viewers to vote yes on Question 3. ‚ÄúCompetition means more clean energy jobs,‚ÄĚ the announcer concludes.

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