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May 22, 2018 | Article

Elko Daily News: The crux of ballot Question 3, energy choice

ELKO — The passage of Question 3, or the Energy Choice Initiative, promises to change the way Nevadans generate, buy and sell electricity. For Elko-area electricity users, the proposed shift to a competitive market for electricity would affect the two monopolies serving the northeastern corner of the state, while allowing...

May 10, 2018 | Article

Conflicting reports underline tough path for preparing for energy choice ballot question

By Riley Snyder Say NV Energy had five years to sell all of its power plants and all of its long-term contracts that ensure an adequate electric supply for all of its 1.1 million Nevada residential customers. Would it make a profit? Or would it lose hundreds of millions of dollars? Any...

May 9, 2018 | Article

LVRJ: Energy choice backers say Nevada plan would lower electric bills

Supporters of the Energy Choice Initiative ballot measure released a study Wednesday that said Question 3 would lower energy bills, disputing a report from state regulators. The study, paid for by the group pushing passage of Question 3, found that Nevadans would see their monthly bills decrease by roughly $11...

May 1, 2018 | Article

Nevadans faced with choice on 2018 ballot

NV Energy has been the only option Nevada residents have when it comes to purchasing electricity since 1919. At that time, the people of Nevada chose to trust a public utility with the state's power infrastructure and costs. Nevadans knew that it would be most economical for one company to...

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