Switch And Tesla Back Nevada Ballot Measure for Clean Energy Choices

March 25, 2016

Leading the way for a New Nevada powered by innovation and sustainability, Tesla and Switch today announced their support for a groundbreaking ballot initiative that would provide Nevadans with options for cleaner, cheaper electricity.

The Energy Choice Initiative would amend the State’s constitution to introduce competition into the electricity sector providing consumers the freedom to choose their electricity supplier. Electricity suppliers would provide different options to customers including electricity from solar amongst other low cost, clean sources of electricity.

Nearly one-third of Americans already have the ability to choose their electricity suppliers, and data from states with energy choice shows lower electricity costs across all sectors — residential, commercial, and industrial — with a nearly 20% cost savings for consumers.

If the Energy Choice Initiative is passed, Nevada would be one of the first in the west to create retail energy choice, supporting greater innovation, job creation and new renewable energy technologies.

The Nevada-based data center company, Switch, actively focuses on clean energy and has made a public commitment to power all of its data centers with 100% renewable energy. Having the ability to choose its electricity supplier is key to Switch fulfilling its clean energy commitments.

“Switch is founded on sustainable innovation and collaborative client ecosystems,” said Switch founder and CEO Rob Roy. “Being competitive in the markets we serve is extremely important for the win-win partnership landscape in which we thrive. Nevada could create unparalleled opportunities in renewable energy that remain largely untapped due to a lack of forward thinking energy policy.”

Another key Nevada business, Tesla, is driven by its mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Retail electricity choice is not only key for the company’s production facilities, but for its vehicle customers as well, who wish to choose their fuel source. Supporting the Energy Choice Initiative, Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk said “solar energy is the cheapest energy today in the state of Nevada and ‘Energy Choice’ will enable Tesla and all Nevadans to choose solar.”

With the current electricity market in Nevada, retail electricity choice is simply not possible. In early 2013, Switch saw major advantages in buying renewable energy through a competitive electricity market. However, the only electricity supplier that is allowed to serve Switch’s new state-of-the-art facility in Sparks is NV Energy, which generates 80% of its electricity from fossil fuels.

“It is imperative to create an open and competitive energy market so that every Nevadan has meaningful energy choices, especially green energy” said Roy. “The Energy Choice Initiative presents a unique opportunity for all Nevadans to choose how they consume power, the same way Nevadans can choose other goods or services in the marketplace. Switch believes we should work in partnership with power consumers, NV Energy and the legislature to create new market choices so that all Nevadans can enjoy an advanced and sustainable energy future.”

Organizations in support of the Energy Choice Initiative are currently gathering signatures that would allow the petition to qualify for the 2016 and 2018 General Election Ballots.


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