Jon Wellinghoff, Former FERC Chairperson, Speaks At Clean Energy Project

October 21, 2016

During the Clean Energy Project’s Energy Choice: Nevada’s Obstacles & Opportunities panel discussion, former Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Chairperson Jon Wellinghoff spoke on the challenges and opportunities presented by Questions 3, the Energy Choice ballot initiative.

Watch what Wellinghoff had to share in the clip below and visit Clean Energy Project to learn more.

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October 21, 2016 | Press Release

Study From Leading Nevada Economists Concludes Question 3 Could More Than Double Nevada Clean Energy Jobs Create Thousands Of Construction Jobs

 To read the full report click here: Yes on Question3, the Energy Choice Initiative: Jobs Forecast and Analysis  A new economic analysis of the Energy Choice Initiative, otherwise known as Question 3, was released this week by Nevadans for Affordable Clean Energy Choices. Question 3, which will appear on Nevada’s...