Rocket League’s Rocket Labs Limited-Time Mode Gets Revived This Weekend

Rocket League’s Rocket Labs Limited-Time Mode Gets Revived This Weekend

Rocket Lab Arena was an LTM from four years ago, but returns as a new playlist in Rocket League.


The lastest K-City Family Battle for the Family Championship! It’s a Rocket League Family Battle by K-CITY GAMING
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Rocket League Hitbox Visualizations (All cars) [1.82]

This video has visualizations of the hitboxes and wheels for all cars in Rocket League Patch 1.82, including the new Merc, Battle Bus, and Harbringer. Work your way to victory in Smash Karts! Play now at https://kevin.games/smash-karts.

If your car is not on this list, it should be on this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTYnn-P-qdY &list=PL5hjfcWPyvtJg0rWQwbWYe6ycXuyGOESf &index=2
I can’t fit them all in this description anymore because of the character limit.

00:00 ’16 Batmobile
01:01 ’70 Dodge Charger R/T
02:02 ’89 Batmobile
03:03 ’99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
04:05 Aftershock
05:06 Animus GP
06:07 Artemis
07:08 Artemis G1
08:09 Artemis GXT
09:11 Backfire
10:12 Bone Shaker
12:14 Breakout
13:16 Breakout Type-S
14:17 Centio V17
15:18 Chikara
16:19 Chikara G1
17:21 Chikara GXT
18:22 Cyclone
19:23 DeLorean Time Machine
20:24 Diestro
21:26 Dominus
22:27 Dominus GT
23:28 Ecto-1
24:29 Endo
25:31 Esper
26:32 Fast 4WD
27:33 Fennec
28:34 Gazella GT
29:36 Gizmo
30:37 Grog
31:38 Guardian
32:39 Guardian G1
33:41 Guardian GXT
34:42 Harbinger
35:43 Harbinger GXT
36:44 Hotshot
37:46 Ice Charger
38:47 Imperator DT5
39:48 Jurassic Jeep® Wrangler
40:49 Jäger 619
41:51 K.I.T.T.
42:52 Komodo
43:53 Mantis
44:54 Marauder
45:56 Masamune
46:57 Maverick
47:58 Maverick G1
48:59 Maverick GXT
50:01 McLaren 570S
51:02 Merc
52:03 MR11
53:04 Mudcat
54:05 Mudcat G1
55:07 Mudcat GXT
56:08 Nemesis
57:09 Nimbus
58:10 Octane
59:12 Octane ZSR
1:00:13 Paladin
1:01:14 Peregrine TT
1:02:15 Proteus
1:03:17 Ripper
1:04:18 Road Hog
1:05:19 Road Hog XL
1:06:20 Ronin
1:07:21 Ronin G1
1:08:23 Ronin GXT
1:09:24 Samurai
1:10:25 Scarab
1:11:26 Sentinel
1:12:27 Takumi
1:13:29 Takumi RX-T
1:14:30 The Dark Knight Rises Tumbler
1:15:31 Triton
1:16:33 Twin Mill III
1:17:34 Twinzer
1:18:35 Venom
1:19:36 Vulcan
1:20:37 Werewolf
1:21:39 X-Devil
1:22:40 X-Devil Mk2
1:23:41 Zippy
Playlist with all cars that came out after this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTYnn-P-qdY &list=PL5hjfcWPyvtJg0rWQwbWYe6ycXuyGOESf &index=2

The car stats spreadsheet:

All preset differences discussed previously:

The Hitbox plugin so you can view everything in game:

Video showing that the Octane and Fennec behave identically:

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First song:
Slenderbeats – Cigarette Solitude

Second song:
Eveningland – Escape

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