Wequer Cheats For PC

Wequer Cheats For PC

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Saints Row The Third | Cheats Spotlight

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Cheats: (The cheat itself will be on the right side of each described cheat)
***Saints Row: The Third cheats list***

All Weapons – (Give all weapons + infinite ammo): letsrock
r-e-s-p-e-c-t – (+10000 respect): whatitmeanstome
Cash Money – (+$100000 cash): cheese
Super Sprint – (Infinite sprint meter): runfast
Elevator to Heaven – (Victims float into the sky): fryhole
Anger Cops – (5* Cop notoriety): pissoffpigs
Anger Gangs – (5* Gang notoriety): lolz
No Police – (Clear all police notoriety): goodygoody
No Gangs – (Clear all gang notoriety): oops
Rated M++ – (Extra blood and gibs): notrated
No Hud – (Hide the hud): nohud
Time of Day cycle – (Advance time by 5 or 6 hours): ticktock
Repair Car – (Repairs all damage to vehicle): repaircar
Vehicles Smash – (Vehicle smashes others): isquishyou
Give Apoca-Fist – (Killbane gloves): giveapoca
Golden Gun – (One-hit kills enemies): goldengun
Drunk Peds – (Drunk Pedestrians/AI): dui
Pimps and Hookers – (Peds all spawn as pimps, hos, BDSM patrons): hohoho ZombieApocalypse – (Peds spawn as zombies): brains
Company of Gyros – (Generic gang members are replaced by mascots): mascot

***Saints Row: The Third weapons and vehicles cheats***

Spawn Air Strike: giveairstrike
Spawn Ambulance: giveembulance
Spawn Anchor: giveanchor
Spawn Apocafists: giveapoca
Spawn As3 Ultimax: giveultimax
Spawn Attrazione: giveattrazione
Spawn Bootlegger: givebootlegger
Spawn Chainsaw: givechainsaw
Spawn Challenger: givechallenger
Spawn Commander: givecommander
Spawn Condor: givecondor
Spawn Cyber Blaster: givecybersmg
Spawn Cyberdestructor: givecyber
Spawn Drone: givedrone
Spawn Eagle: giveeagle
Spawn Electric Grenade: giveelectric
Spawn Estrada: giveestrada
Spawn F69 Vtol: givevtol
Spawn Gatmobile: givegatmobile
Spawn Grenade: givegrenade
Spawn Hammer: givehammer
Spawn K-8 Krukov: givekrukov
Spawn Kanada: givekanada
Spawn Kenshin: givekenshin
Spawn Knoxville: giveknoxville
Spawn Kobra Ka-1: givekobra
Spawn Krukov: givekrukov
Spawn McManus 2015: givesniper
Spawn Miami: givemiami
Spawn Minigun: giveminigun
Spawn Molotov: givemolotov
Spawn Municipal: givemunicipal
Spawn Nforcer: givenforcer
Spawn Nocturne: givesword
Spawn Peacemaker: givepeacemaker
Spawn Pheonix: givepheonix
Spawn Reaper: givereaper
Spawn RPG: giverpg
Spawn Sandstorm: givesandstorm
Spawn Satchel Charge: givesatchel
Spawn Shark: giveshark
Spawn Sheperd: givesheperd
Spawn Shock Hammer: giverocket
Spawn Spectre: givespectre
Spawn Squasar: givesquasar
Spawn Status Quo: givestatusquo
Spawn Taxi: givetaxi
Spawn Tek Z-10: givetek
Spawn The Penetrator: givedildo
Spawn Titan: givetitan
Spawn Toad: givetoad
Spawn Tornado: givetornado
Spawn Viper Laser Rifle: giveslm8
Spawn Vortex: givevortex
Spawn VTOL: givevtol
Spawn Vulture: givevulture
Spawn Widowmaker: givewidowmaker
Spawn Woodpecker: givewoodpecker
Sunny weather: clearskies
Cloudy weather: overcast
Rainy weather: lightrain
Very rainy weather: heavyrain

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